Policies & Procedures


Payment options for Group Classes, Private Lessons, and Fixture Programs held at the Griffith University Tennis Centre (GUTC) are as follows:

  1. Direct Debit
    1. Quarterly – A single deduction for outstanding payment*.
    2. Fortnightly – Fortnightly payments for outstanding payment*. GUTC uses specific schedule dates.
  2. Up Front (Via phone or in person at GUTC) for outstanding payment*.

Fees must be paid in full (or committed to via Direct Debit) prior to commencing any Group Class, Private Lesson**, or Fixture Program.  Coaches and Administration Staff reserve the right to refuse participation in any Group Class, Private Lesson, or Fixture Program if your account is not up to date.

*Outstanding payment includes trials (leading to enrolment), and all future sessions until the end of the current term.

**First time Private Lessons are to be paid for Up Front prior to going on court, if participants wish to secure the allotted time they must pay for the remainder of the term up front, or sign up to a Direct Debit schedule.  Our Private Lessons are provided on a first-in first-served basis, if you do not book in advance and arrange payment you may miss out.

All GUTC players participating in Group Classes, Private Lessons, or Fixtures Programs must be a valid GUTC Club Member ($39 annually).  This will be included in your first Direct Debit, or as part of your Up Front payment.


All payments are non-refundable.  See Make Up Lessons.

Make Up Lessons

The Griffith university Tennis Centre wants to make sure that you get the most out of your time with us, and as such we utilise Make Up Lessons for any missed Group Classes, and/or Private Lessons.

Make Up Lessons must be booked and are subject to availability.  Make Up Lessons are to be completed prior to the end of Week 2 of the subsequent GUTC coaching term relative to the missed lesson.

Make up Lessons are required/approved for:

  1. Illness (medical certificate may be required)
  2. Public Holidays / Student Free Days (School Coaching)
  3. Weather Conditions (rain, heat, lightning storms etc.) (where less than half the lesson has been completed)
  4. Tournaments held at the centre,
  5. Unforeseen circumstances where reasonable notice of absence is provided.

Insufficient notice for an absence will forfeit the opportunity for a Make Up Lesson.


All participants will be automatically re-enrolled in the same program at the commencement of each new term (including a new year) unless otherwise advised by the parent/guardian as per our cancellation policy (below).


All cancellations must be made in writing to:

  1. accounts@puretennis.com.au for Group Classes and Private Lessons.

Notice required for cancellation/s of enrolment is as follows:

  1. Fixtures Program: 4 Weeks
  2. Group Class: 4 Weeks
  3. Private Lesson: 2 Weeks
  4. Once-off Private Lesson: 24hrs

Any outstanding Make up Lessons must be completed within the cancellation periods stated above, any remaining Make Up Lessons will be forfeited.


Transfers between Group Classes must be made in writing to accounts@puretennis.com.au. Participants can make up to 2 Class Transfers in any term.  Additional transfers will incur an administration fee ($10).

Transfers from Group Classes to Private Lessons are treated as cancellations and require four weeks notice (as per our cancellation policy).

Transfers from Private Lessons into Group Classes are treated as cancellations and require two weeks notice (as per our cancellation policy).

Wet Weather

If it is raining or looks like it is going to rain, please call GUTC on 3735 1177 to find out if your program is going ahead. An official decision is made:

  • 30mins prior to all Group Classes and Private Lessons
  • 60mins prior to all Fixtures Programs

Whilst every step is taken to arrive at the correct decision, please remember GUTC has no control over the weather. In the event of a lesson being washed out, please book in for a Make Up Lesson at the GUTC.

Please do not make assumptions about the weather; an unexplained absence will forfeit the opportunity for a Make Up Lesson if the session goes ahead.

Club Membership 

All GUTC players participating in Group Classes, Private Lessons, or Fixtures Programs must be a valid GUTC Club Member ($39 annually).

To see full list of Benefits for Club Membership, please see below link:

Court Allocation 

Court allocation for Group Classes, Private Lessons, and Fixtures Programs are subject to change without notice.  Participants are welcome to make requests for specific courts, but this allocation may change without notice depending on court requirements (e.g. tournaments, weather, availability etc.).

What should you bring to tennis?

Players should bring:

  • Hat
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen (provided)
  • Non-marking soled shoes
  • Required medication/s
  • Racquet (the centre can provide a racquet for trials)
Parent/Guardian Involvement

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to watch. However, we do ask that they do not enter the court unless requested by the coach (excluding Hot Shots Minis where parent participation is required for the younger age groups). GUTC feels that it is extremely important that only positive reinforcement is used by players and spectators.

Consent to use of Imagery

During the course of our Tennis programs some imaging may take place. This is in light of our players’ performances, achievement and participation throughout our award-winning programs. Should you not wish for your child to be a part of this then please put this request in writing to us.


I, (or if you are under the age of 18, your parents/guardian), hereby indemnify the Griffith University Tennis Centre and staff from any responsibility and/or claim for any possible injury, damage or loss during my attendance at tennis training and agree to the above Terms and Conditions.


 By participating in any Group Class, Private Lessons, or Fixtures Program at the Griffith University Tennis Centre or affiliated sites (including schools) you are automatically agreeing to our companies policies as outlined in this document.  Management reserves the right to alter/update policies without notice.