Casual or Serious



Fun or Serious

We know your schedule is a busy one. Our regular classes make it much easier to make time for exercise either in a fun or serious atmosphere.

Social is the Name of the Game!

Monday night social & Thursday night social
$30 per week

You Have to Try This!

Cardio Tennis is Pure Tennis’ latest program. With a huge hype around this program and with our very experienced international coaches we look forward to having some fun in Cardio Tennis.

Cardio Tennis is a lesson that is high intensity and a lot of fun. It is a circuit based workout that includes tennis skills. Programs are adjusted to suit fitness levels/tennis ability and with music in the background it creates an exciting atmosphere. This program is for all levels of play.

Session Time:

Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm

Private & Semi-Private Lessons
Private Lessons

Private Lessons are suited to all players, from beginner to elite standard, who are looking to dramatically improve their game. Player’s specific games are thoroughly analysed from a technical, mental and tactical point of view and corrections and enhancements are implemented to ensure maximum improvement.

With private lessons you will always be able to set new goals and targets so you can continue to work on your game.


Individual and specific one on one time with coach.
Expert analysis, cause identification and correction.
Knowing what to work on tactically and technically whenever you are playing.
Semi-Private Lessons

Players are grouped in compatible pairs. Whilst similar to private lessons, Semi-Privates enable the student to share the time and reduce costs. In most instances the clients will make private arrangements to pair together to attend semi private lessons.


Shared session with semi-individual time with the coach
Expert analysis, cause identification and correction.
Reduce costs whilst still receiving personal time with a coach.



Your Career

Serious about Tennis & want to take it further? Pure Tennis Academy excel at providing the right training, the best people at the perfect time in your career. Starting from a young age, we are placed to carry you through from beginning right to the very top of your Tennis abilities.

With real world experience, the dedicated professionals at Pure Tennis Academy will take you further.

Our range of staff and experience means it’s probably best to call and make a time to speak to us in person.