We believe in evolution.

Pure Tennis Academy fits your life.
From pre-school to the young-at-heart, you’ll find a home in one of our many programs.
With clear pathways and passionate coaches, Pure Tennis Academy is dedicated to stay with you every step of the way on your tennis journey.

We believe in technology.

Pure Tennis Academy was founded in December 2009 and continue to offer state-of-the-art technology.
As a company, we never stop growing, challenging ourselves or our players. Our commitment to emerging technologies & coaching technique means you will always be at the cutting edge of tennis.

We believe in you.

At our Academy, tennis is more than a sport – its a passion. We are committed to providing superior services that focus on results for every player, whether you have just taken up the game or are looking to make a career on the professional circuit.
Our coaches have played before and share your passion. We nurture children’s dreams and listen to career ambitions.

At the heart of Pure Tennis Academy are you, our players.